by Nomad

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released May 30, 2018

Nomad - Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics, Design

Twilight Breath of Satan originally performed by Sargeist. Covered with permission.


all rights reserved



Nomad Glenview, Illinois

One-man black metal from Illinois.

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Track Name: Polyglot
Leather bound books
Calling out to me
I shall commune with gods
Be one with all
Blood and ink
Have sealed my fate
Tongues long lost
I know them all
They are set free
Creatures of the void
Hear my call
End it all
I hear it all
The freakish song

Change the flow of time
Invoke unknown realms
Watching from the mountains
I am the dark caster
Stars far above
The hells far below
Quake at my wrath
And see what I've done
Azrael's mission
Carried by me
What has been lost
Shall be renewed

Cyclical existence
Ouroboros rounds again
Track Name: The Ascetic
I can see the torches glow
I watch as the lights fade away
The forests envelop all traces of man
As nature swallows me
Leave behind a tangible realm
Unconquerable man must fall
And so I vanish for evermore
Into mists and waterfalls
Habits of man unsuited for me
I wander, a nomad so free
Feel the world dissolve in nature

This world is not meant for me
Feeling the draw of unknown realms
I feel nothing of what I've left
For you have renounced so much more
Wandering endless paths alone
Onward to freedom

Nothing can bring me
Back to your world
I, the ascetic,
Have saved myself
It is no struggle
To leave what I've known
Track Name: Bringing His Wrath
Infernal furnace
Fire reborn
Baptised in blackness
Seething wraith
Born accursed
Wandering the night

Damnation's agent
Bringer of His wrath

Invoking the horned one
Asking for His black guidance

Torches are raised
As we march to the cave
A summoning song to bring Him forth

Damnation's agent
Bringer of His wrath

Painting the sign
Of Hell on the walls
He rises from the circle
To greet us all
Our mission is complete
To call Him forth

I am the one who calls him forth
You all will feel the devil's embrace
Track Name: The Crying Wind
Gaze upon the forests weeping
Hear the wind cry your name

Breathe in the cold
Listen to the howls
Silent the night
Makes no sound
Stars far above
They guide my path
Feel my eyes close
Leave behind
The creator
And the judge
Greet me at
Marble gates

Gaze upon the skies watching
Hear the rain sob your name

The moon asks me to come back
Leave this world behind forever
Close my eyes and think for a moment

Stillness consumes my whole being
Pass from this world to another
Dying song as I move on
Track Name: Slowly The Glacier Creeps
Slowly glaciers march on
Carving through the world
Frozen vessels of time

Shaping continents
Carving through mountainsides
Purest of all forces

Endless patience, eternal
Observers to all known things
Witnesses to history
Slowly, the glacier creeps

Mythic giants towering
Strongest of nature's shields
Architects of planets

Unstoppable force
And the immovable
Unyielding in duty

Outlived all who've known
Biblical giants
Unconcerned with all else

Endless patience, eternal
Observers to all known things
Witnesses to history
Slowly, the glacier creeps
Track Name: Twilight Breath of Satan (Sargeist Cover)
The freshly interred corpse
Greets with a rotten fragrance
Sweet scent of death and decay
Caressing the catacomb
Ghastly face of bone
Where her smile had been
Ravished while she lived
Desecrated in death

Twisted thoughts , necrolust
What she had best to offer
Is now but a blackened hole
No more pleasures of flesh
Sick memories are stirring
Through a black looking - glass
Deep in the demented mind
She still laughs with joy

One final graven kiss
From her imaginary lips
Tormented chattering
Echoes in the dark
Her bones and a shotgun
Laid on the wooden table
Both barrels full of Satan's breath
For the last twilight rite

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